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5 Wynvale Rise, Hepburn Springs, VIC, 3461

Book in comfortable and affordable accommodation in Daylesford, Victoria

Looking for one of the loveliest getaways Daylesford has to offer? Want to book in quality family accommodation in Victoria’s north-west? Look no further: at Hepburn Haven, we’re proud to provide a holiday house that’s warm, comfortable and welcoming. No matter what kind of exciting activities you undertake in the Hepburn Springs region, you’ll love returning to our 3 bedroom accommodation, putting up your feet and enjoying all the comforts of home in a self contained accommodation cottaget that has all the comforts of home – and more.

  Enjoy our self-contained kitchen, full air conditioning, carport and barbecue for outdoor entertaining or simply having a great time with your family. Hepburn Haven caters for any kind of travelling group, and we’re more than happy to hear any of your enquiries at 0409 258 096 if you have any questions or specific travelling requirements.

It’s wise to book in early with us, as spots are in high demand. Call us, send an email to stay@hepburnhaven.com.au or use our online enquiry form to drop us a line – the best stay of your life is simply a click away.


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